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Shares.com is a new investment club & crowd funding platform that will be going live at the beginning of June. The project will start in the United Kingdom with the head office being in London and will be opened in France, Germany, USA, Canada and other countries shortly after.

The idea is to offer our customers shares from alternative investment instruments. Together, our members will be buying valuable assets in shares.

With the experienced team behind shares.com, we are aiming to be the biggest investment club in the world.

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Innovative crowd funding site shares.com to premiere in UK


In the midst of FCA controversy regarding crowd funding, an entrepreneurial international project is due to fire up in the United Kingdom; allowing anyone to own shares on any valuable asset.

Britain will see the premiere of an innovative site called shares.com, which allows investors to own micro shares in almost anything. The concept will be launched in the UK first; baiting Brits to become co-owners of boundless valuable assets.

Following its UK debut set for the 3rd quarter of 2014, founders Benan Tumkaya and Fernando Pereira plan to extend the opportunities to other countries including the USA, Canada and a number of EU countries.

Mr. Tumkaya said, "Everybody would love to own a Picasso but not all investors can afford to spend $30 million on one painting. Our aim is to split the value of high value assets such as that artwork into smaller shareholdings in order to make it affordable for investors in any size. When you split that artwork into a million shares, each share will be $30, essentially anybody will therefore be able to buy any number of shares from the artwork; limited only by their budget. Once all shares have been sold for an asset, investors will be able to re-list their shares for sale at a higher price, giving them chance to return profit rapidly. All of this will be possible through this inventive platform.

Of course, shares.com will not be limited to selling shares in artwork only. Investors can provisionally peruse shares on domain names, public companies, high value stamps, energy companies, real estate, hotel rooms, movies and limitless other instruments of interest to investors. With this plethora of potential, the platform is poised to pioneer shareholding as a household hobby.

Globally recognised seedrs.com, a pioneering platform for transforming startups by sourcing investment support; has already granted permission for shares.com to seek investors through its online marketing campaign. Investors will need to look out for shares.com to arise as an opportunity, in the near future. With his experienced team, Tumkaya is aiming high to make shares.com the worldwide name in investment.

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